About BlackWrap.co

BlackWrap.co was created by Sheila Brown in 2017 due to a massive lack in the market for any Holiday items that were African American or Ethnically themed.

For decades, Sheila had built up a collection of over 1,000 African American Santas, Angels, and other Christmas items, however, she had to sell her collection in 2008 when she sold almost all of her possessions to travel the world for several years.

In 2011, she wanted to begin collecting again but noticed that absolutely zero stores throughout the United States carried any Christmas/Holiday items that were Ethnically based.  THERE WAS ZERO REPRESENTATION OF PEOPLE OF COLOR! 

She decided to do something about it and on Cyber Monday of 2017, she launched BlackWrap.co, an e-commerce store that sold custom African American themed wrapping papers that she designed.  

The store was an IMMEDIATE SUCCESS!! Overwhelmingly so, which proved exactly what she thought.  That there was a tremendous need in the market for African American themed Holiday items! 

In 2018, BlackWrap.co is back again with even more items designed by Sheila Brown, including a new line of over 20 Custom African American themed Christmas Cards!!!  

Sheila has always loved Vintage Santas and other vintage holiday images and she was inspired to make the bulk of her designs based around Vintage Christmas Images!! These are mixed in with current 2018 trends, including "Woke Santa" and "Beard Gang Santa" cards and Hoodies!! 

This year, BlackWrap.co has expanded it's offerings beyond just Custom Wrapping Papers.  There are 2 new wrapping paper designs along with Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Mugs, Baby Body Suits, Downloadable Letters to Santa and the AMAZING Holiday Cards!! 

All items are custom made when you order! 

Please join Sheila Brown in supporting BlackWrap.co this holiday season! Spread the word! 

Here is a video from 2017 when Ms. Brown saw her first wrapping creation live for the first time! You can see the quality of the product and her sheer exuberance of experiencing her long-held idea come to life!